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Get a Dose of Horror with Tokyo Ghoul Cosplay

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Selling 2.6 million copies in 2014, Tokyo Ghoul became Japan’s fourth best-selling manga of the year. Reports estimated that around 6,946,203 copies were sold in that period. Such popularity prompted the anime studio, Pierrot, to adapt Tokyo Ghoul into screen. Between July 4 and September 19, 2014, twelve episodes were shown on Japanese television.

Tokyo Ghoul fans began parading the franchise. There are now Tokyo Ghoul cosplay shows, figures, fan sites, etc. proliferating in the public scene. These are the ways that fans show their admiration for the show, especially cosplaying. When people dressed like their anime idols, they felt fulfilled. They all felt like they are the characters themselves.

The whole series follow the story of Ken Kaneki. He is a nineteen year old university freshman who got an organ transplant from Rize. Rize is a ghoul who lured the oblivious Ken into dating so that she can eat him. Fortunately for the boy, the ghoul was struck by an i-beam. On the flip side, Ken must undergo a transplant operation for he was involved in the incident. An organ of Rize is transplanted into him, which turn him into a ghoul called Eyepatch.

Nonetheless, the show is not all horror or gore-filled, bloodsucking fest. There are actions scenes and dramatic moments. Kaneki wears a black skintight suit and a matching mask with exposed teeth and left eye. He used this to fight oppressive ghouls. A ghoul investigator named Kisho Arima managed to capture Kaneki later in the series. Ken lost his memory after that and takes on a new identity as Haise Sasaki.

No wonder in every Tokyo Ghoul cosplay event, horror is the theme. Expect blood and undead motifs floating around in those events. Of course they are all fakes. Just like any anime-themed costume dressing, the protagonist gets the lion share of cosplayers. Fans either color their hair white or wear a white wig. Of course, the trademarked Eyepatch dark suit is donned. This is enhanced by actions done by Kaneki as seen in the manga or anime to complete the dress up.

Other characters take their fair share amount of cosplayers. Rize has a long purple hair. School uniform, maid and office-looking attire are the top favorites. Uta has this emo look. A Mohawk haircut with flowing strands hanging at either ends. White vest and black jacket with matching pants and boots complete the entire look. There are many others that Tokyo Ghoul cosplay fans would love to look and act like them.

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